1st Child & Adolescent Conference in Asia:
Specialized in Clinical Case Studies

Thank you very much for many registrations for “The First Child and Adolescent Conference in Asia.”
We set the period “Early Bird” by November 10th. After that, we will continue to accept applications with full fare by November 20th, 2023. However, our registration period will end on that day (the registration form will close at midnight, Japan time).

December 2-3, 2023
Kyoto Research Park / Zoom
Hosted by Association of Jungian Analysts, Japan (AJAJ)


For the first time in Asia, the child and adolescent conference will be held at Kyoto Research Park / Zoom on December 2 and 3, 2023, hosted by the Association of Jungian Analysts, Japan (AJAJ).


Traditional Jungian training has focused on psychotherapy for adults. However, Jungian psychology, with its emphasis on images, is also very useful in play therapy including sandplay therapy. Particularly in the Asian region, many psychotherapists work with children and adolescents.

This conference is dedicated to case studies, which is the basis of psychotherapy. All breakout sessions will be case study presentations with assigned discussants to deepen the understanding of each case with presenters and participants.

The plenary sessions, on the other hand, feature presenters who can provide important guidance for thinking about Jungian psychotherapy with children and adolescents; Toshio Kawai, the ex-president of IAAP, Brian Feldman, who has long been committed to Jungian training in the Asia region, Gao Lan (CSAP), and Su-Chen Hung & Chia-Chi Chow (TSAP).

Alex Esterhuyzen, the ex-president of ISST, also gives an evening lecture on the first day of the conference.

The conference program and organizing committee invited case study presenters from each society. We hope that the combination of case study presenters recommended by each society and assigned discussants from other societies will widen mutual understanding through case studies, which will in turn further develop Jungian psychotherapy in the Asian region.

We understand that there may be some difficulties due to the time difference, but the committee expects online participation from all over the world, not only from Asia. In particular, from Asia, we expect as many on-site participants as possible. There is certainly something in the study of psychotherapy that can be created through direct interaction.

See you in Kyoto just after one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

With best wishes,

Mari Yoshikawa (AJAJ)
Yukiko Taguma (AJAJ)
Masako Kubota, Secretary, Program and Organizing Committee
Yasuhiro Tanaka (AJAJ), Chair, Program and Organizing Committee

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Venue & Hotels

This conference is financially supported by the International Association for Analytical Psychology.


Association of Jungian Analysts, Japan (AJAJ)